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Wigley & Associates - Guide to Civic Leadership Blogging (2005)

Guide to Civic Leadership Blogging

How to use weblogs as an effective local leadership tool

By Griff Wigley

Why keep a weblog

Leverage your leadership interactions that otherwise disappear -  In the course of any leader’s week, there are literally hundreds of interactions with colleagues, constituents, staff, media and other members of community. Whether these interactions are face-to-face, phone, electronic or paper-based, they comprise the bulk of how leaders exhibit their day-to-day influence. A phone call from a constituent, a conversation with a staff member at lunch, an email exchange with a colleague, an off-topic discussion at a team meeting – all likely evaporate into thin air, for all intents and purposes, as soon as they’re concluded. Even most paper documents such as memos and reports are quickly religated to the trash, the shredder, or the filing cabinent, never to be seen again.

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