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New Report: Internet Access in Australia

12 November, 2015
By Allison Orr
A new report from the Bureau of Communications Research, Leading Indicators Report; Third Release, shows our changing Internet use patterns.

Reliable and convenient access to WiFi is seen as an essential service by consumers, and driving changes in the way we access the Internet, particularly through Smartphones.  A significant change is the way information is accessed by tourists using smartphones, which increased 40 per cent year on year.  In contrast, fixed line access via Internet cafes fell 23 per cent.

Large amounts of data are still being primarily downloaded by fixed-line broadband, and use of this has increased exponentially.  Data downloaded increased from 140,000 terabytes for the three months ended June 2010, to 1.35 million terabytes for the three months ended June 2015.

The report found that, following the launch of Netflix, peering traffic through IX Australia jumped 50 per cent from four gigabytes per second to eight gigabytes per second.

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