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Is streaming reducing piracy in Australia?

06 September, 2015
By Allison Orr

For a while, Australia has had a reputation as one of the world’s leading piracy nations.  Our Attorney General George Brandis called Australia the “worst nation for piracy on the planet”, and famously in 2014, the same number of Australians downloaded the new season of Game of Thrones as watched it legally.

The argument that is often put forward is that if you make great content available via subscription services that are affordable and accessible, then people will use them and be less inclined to download it illegally.

This argument looks like it has a bit of truth about it.  A recent survey by Choice shows a drop in the rate of piracy of around 25%, coinciding with the introduction of streaming services like Netflix and Stan 

It seems to indicate that at least some piracy is driven by a desire to access new content in a timely and user-friendly way, rather than a behavioral inclination get the content for free.  

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