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2015 Global Internet Report

28 August, 2015
By Allison Orr

The Internet Society has released its 2015 Global Internet Report.  It’s the second annual report on the global state of the internet.

This year’s report focuses on the transformative impact of the mobile Internet

The digital divide is closing, but challenges still exist.

With the mobile Internet, accessibility is not longer a problem, but affordability remains a barrier.  In many countries, the cost of mobile Internet services is more than 5 or 10% of average per capita income.

A further problem is access to relevant content.  This is sometimes due to language barriers and lack of access to major apps.  The vast majority of apps are native to a particular proprietary mobile platform.  This raises the costs of developers of apps and locks consumers into a chosen platform and limits choices. 

The move to mobile shifts the digital divide debate from accessibility, to affordability and relevancy.  The report argues that policy makers should focus on bridging this affordability gap.

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