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Federal Court pushes back on DBC owners

11 August, 2015
By Allison Orr

More on the Dallas Buyers Club ruling, the Federal Court has pushed back on the movie’s owners.  In April, the Federal Court ordered ISPs to hand over customers’ personal details linked to the IP addresses.  But the Federal Court insisted that the film’s owners show the court a copy of the letter before it was sent to downloaders, due to concerns about speculative invoicing.

The letter has been released and published on mashable, and seems to have raised enough questions for the court that they have refused to release the names of the downloaders.

The letter asks for four main forms of payment: 1) the cost of the purchase of a single copy of the film; 2) a licence fee for each person found to have uploaded the film; 3) extra damages depending on how many copies of other copyrighted works had been downloaded by each infringer; and 4) court costs for expenses in retrieving the downloaders’ names.

The court has problems with the second and third items.  They may still force ISPs to hand over customer details if the company agrees to certain conditions, which would only include asking people to pay for what it would have cost to purchase the film and a share in the court costs.  

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