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New Report: Digital Australia: State of the Nation

12 July, 2015
By Allison Orr

New Report from EY Australia looking at Australia’s digital media and entertainment industry, Digital Australia: State of the Nation.

According to the report, 2014 was the year digital media content went mainstream.  More than three-quarters of Australians used the Internet to listen to, watch or download music, podcasts, TV and film.

The report argues that the media and entertainment industry needs to go further in adopting a customer centric view. One of the biggest changes is that consumers no longer passively consumer media and entertainment content.  They actively choose it and expect content across multiple channels and on multiple devices. Consumers are in the driver’s seat, and businesses will need to change their models to reflect this. Digital opinion leaders surveyed for the report thought that the local industry has a way to go to match international benchmarks.

Australia,s penchant for illegal downloading continues to be a concern.  The challenge lies in getting the digitally savvy to commit to legitimate digital platforms.

The report marks the arrival of Netflix in Australia as a turning point.  Prior to their launch in March 2015, Australia and Iceland were the only OECD countries with it (although around 340,000 Australian households were accessing the US service through a VPN).  Netflix specifically structures its content around consumer behaviour.  Already we,ve seen Foxtel halve the cost of its Presto service.

The report also finds that Australia,s digital sector is lagging behind the world.  Last year, the World Economic Forum ranks Australia as 18th in terms of overall network and digital readiness.  Australias poor digital performance can be attributed to many factors: slow Internet speeds, lack of digital infrastructure, and the cost of accessing digital technology in Australia.  According to 60% of digital opinion leaders and 50% of consumers, the NBN will be a vital part of helping Australia move towards a world class digital economy.

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