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Changes at Twitter

15 June, 2015
By Allison Orr

Lots of changes at Twitter this week, some technical changes and some corporate changes.

In the first case, Twitter has announced that it will no longer limit private messages between users to 140 characters.  This only applies to Direct Messages on Twitter.  Public tweets will still be limited to 140 characters.  It is believed this move is an attempt to make the platform more attractive to gain new users.

In corporate changes, the CEO Dick Costolo has announced his resignation.  This resignation is being reported as connected to Twitter’s poor financial performance since their IPO in November last year.  Twitter’s shares have been falling this year.  As a company, it isn’t profitable – under Costolo, Twitter doubled its revenue, but never turned a profit – and its number of users isn’t growing, leaving a community of only 300 million monthly active users

According the David Glance in The Conversation, the problems go deeper, and are related to its very design.

The essential problem of Twitter has been the limited scope and nature of communication inspired by the 140 character limit. Although it can be seen as forcing users into an almost Zen-like brevity, it has severely restricted the ability to engage in any meaningful conversations and perversely facilitated the descent into abuse.”

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