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A snapshot of Internet users in Australia

03 February, 2015
By Allison Orr

The number of households in Australia with access to the Internet continues to rise, reaching about 83% of all households in February 2014, up from 79% in 2010-2011.  More than three-quarters of these had access via broadband.

The statistics are particularly high for households with children under 5 years of age, with 96% per these households having Internet access.

Unsurprisingly, the stats still indicate a digital divide – the higher the household income the more likely there is Internet access at home.  The percentage of households with an income of $120k or more is 98%, whereas with households with an income of less than $49k, Internet access drops to 57%.  There is also a difference between households located in capital cities and regional areas.

World Stats

In December 2014, the Australian Bureau of Statistics numbered Australian Internet users at 12,691,000.

However, taken globally, the number of Internet users in Australia is very low.  World Internet statistics show the number of global Internet users to be 360.985,492 as at June 2014.  Users in Oceania represent only 0.95 of the global Internet population.

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