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Hilary Clinton launches Presidential bid via email & online video

23 April, 2015
By Allison Orr

Hilary Clinton has ended speculation and announced that she intends to run for the US Presidency.  It had previously been reported that she would launch her campaign via Twitter, but last week she announced her decision first with an email to supporters, followed very quickly with a 2 minute video, called Getting Started, posted to YouTube and her website.  

The announcement got her supporters going on social media, prompting more than 10 million interactions on Facebook – 4.7 million users posted 10.1 million comments, likes, shares or posts related to the launch.

In 2007, when Clinton made her first run for the Democratic nomination, she also announced her candidacy via video on YouTube.  Unlike her new video, which features many different people talking about “getting started” and she only enters towards the end, in that first video, she spoke directly to the camera and focused on the theme of having a conversation.  Part of that campaign included weekly live online video chats.  It will be interesting to see what use her new campaign makes of online communication four years on.

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