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Young people apathetic to Internet piracy

15 December, 2011
By Allison Orr

A recent discussion forum held by the Australian Communications and Media Authority has revealed that young people in Australia are becoming increasing apathetic about Internet piracy.

The forum, Young citizens in a changing media world, online education and protection, television programming for young people, and sought insights into young people’s views on convergence and social media.  Participants included young people, industry stakeholders and not-for-profit consumer protection groups.

Comments from young participants included statements that they don’t care about Internet privacy, and that their generation has different moral guidelines.

Network Ten’s head of children’s television, Cherrie Bottger, who was a participant, said blasé attitudes towards piracy arose from a lack of education on the issue, and a misunderstanding that some activities are actually illegal.

A 15-year-old participant agreed with this, saying they don’t really know what is and isn’t illegal.  However, another participant disagreed with this, saying people do understand, but they just don’t care.
Dr Nicolas Suzor, former chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia, said a lack of education wasn’t the problem, but rather the media industry’s failure to keep pace with the changes in technology.   “Until we see more innovative models [of distribution] emerge, people will continually be pushed towards illegitimate means of accessing content,” he said.

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