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New Report: A fair go for all in the digital era

19 November, 2011
By Allison Orr

In August this year, Global ICT solutions provider, Huawei, hosted the first National Digital Inclusion Summit at Parliament House, Canberra.  The event was attended by Communications Minister Senator Stephen Conroy and Shadow Minister Malcolm Turnbull, as well as not-for-profit and governmental organisations.  The summit was principally concerned with the challenges of digital inclusion and the digital divide with the arrival of the NBN

A new report, A Fair Go For All in the Digital Era: toward a digital inclusion roadmap, has been released by Tim Wilson, which outlines the discussion and decisions from this summit. 

Digital inclusion, says Dr Wilson, is an obligation on society as much as on government.  While agreeing that physical access to the network is a basic condition of digital inclusion, the summit attendees were clear that digital inclusion is a multi-faceted phenomenon, and provision of technology is a necessary but not sufficient condition.  As the NBN is rolled out, solutions need to be found to ensure the unemployed, older people, the indigenous community, vulnerable youth and refugees are not left behind in the digital economy.

The report argues that the not-for-profit sector has a large part to play in this area, and that government, local communities and NFP’s should work together to develop a shared policy for digital inclusion.

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