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Mobile commerce up 430 per cent, says PayPal

16 November, 2011
By Allison Orr

PayPal has released is third report in its Secure Insight series, Changing the Way We Pay, to explore the impact of new technologies on how we shop and pay.  It is conducted in conjunction with Forrester Research, Nielsen and the Australian Centre for Retail Studies.

According to the report, 9 million Australians now use the Internet to buy goods and services, with over 4 million active PayPal consumer accounts.

In the last twelve months, since the release of their first report in this series, there have been more changes in the way people shop than in the last fifteen, says PayPal’s Managing Director.  A significant factor in this change is the rise of mobile Internet and mobile commerce.  The report says that the uptake of mobile commerce has surpassed even their expectations, with an increase of 430 per cent in the last year and 1,000 mobile transactions an hour taking place.  According to the report, “retail has well and truly become 24/7 and it’s everywhere”.

News has recently has focused on people making the most of Australia’s strong dollar to buy overseas goods online, and the report finds that many Australians made their first online purchase in the last year.  But it also finds that the majority (73%) of online retail is domestic.  The percentage of domestic sales is particularly high i in two categories – groceries and travel.  Much of the growth in international sales comes from consumers sourcing products not available in Australia.

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