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WikiLeaks to suspend publishing

26 October, 2011
By Allison Orr

WikiLeaks, the website famous for publishing leaked government documents, has announced publicly that it will need to suspend publishing, due to financial constraints.

For almost a year, WikiLeaks have been fighting a blockade imposed by five financial companies - Visa, MasterCard, Paypal, Western Union and Bank of America - who stopped doing business with the website after it published leaked US diplomatic  cables last year.  This action has meant donations to the website have dried up, costing the organisation tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue, according to the Wikileaks site.

WikiLeaks will now temporarily suspend its publishing operations to “aggressively fundraise” in order to fight back against the blockade.  Pre-litigation action has begun in Australia, the United States, Iceland, Denmark, and the UK.

In other WikiLeaks news, in the Global Media Journal (Australian Edition), Terry Flew and Bonnie Riu Liu have investigated the reaction of the Australian media to the publication by Wikileaks of the 250,000 US Embassy diplomatic cables.  The article, Globally Networked Public Spheres? The Australian Media Reaction to WikiLeaks, looks at online opinion and commentary in the Australian online media after the release of the diplomatic cables.  The report finds that there were few critics in the Australian media of WikiLeaks in terms of its impact on international diplomacy, and provides detail on WikiLeaks history and analysis of its place in modern media.

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