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Mobile wireless outnumbers DSL connections in Australia

09 October, 2011
By Allison Orr
Last week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, released its report on Internet services provided by Australian Internet service providers (ISPs).

The report, Internet Activity, Australia, June 2011, collected data from ISPs collected data from ISPs and found that the number of Internet subscribers in Australia is now 10.9 million, up 4.4 per cent since the last report in December 2010.

More significantly, the report found that the number or mobile wireless Internet connections (excluding mobile handsets) exceeds the number of DSL connections in Australia for the first time.  Mobile wireless is the fast growing Internet access technology in Australia.  Dial-up connections are almost entirely phased out, with 95 per cent of connections being broadband.

This is the 23rd report in this series, which the ABS has produced since September 2000.

Read the full report at the ABS website:

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