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First report on the rollout of the National Broadband Network

01 October, 2011
By Allison Orr

The Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network has released its first report.  In undertaking this first six-monthly review, the committee sought information from NBN Co, the Department of Broadband Communications and the Digital Economy, as well as submissions from interested individuals and organizations.  The committee also held four public meetings.

However, throughout the report it is clear that insufficient information has been received from NBN Co to provide an adequate report.  The committee cannot review progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) in this report, as they are not yet finalised, a point highlighted both in the committee report and in the dissenting report from the Coalition.  The first recommendation from the committee recognizes this lack of information, and requests that NBN Co provide six monthly reports on progress of the rollout.

In the introduction, the Chair of the committee, Rob Oakeshott, highlights a widespread public misconception: that NBN Co is building a Government-owned monopoly that will run at the taxpayers’ expense.  However he says this is incorrect.  The end product will "more than likely, be a privately-owned and operated wholesale platform" that will be an "asset on the financial books of the taxpayer".  In view of this desired outcome, an important question facing the committee is when and how private equity will be engaged.

Read the full report: Review of the Rollout of the National Broadband Network

About 14,000 houses have been connected to the NBN  in five test sites, and this week the NBN has opened its fibre-optic cable for commercial services




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