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Australia 9th in digital economy ranking

25 November, 2010
By Allison Orr

The Economic Intelligence Unit has released its latest report that assesses the world’s largest economies abilities to absorb information and communications technology (ICT) - Digital Economy Rankings: Beyond e-readiness.  This report has been produced since 2000, previously known as e-readiness rankings, now renamed as “the digital economy rankings”.  The report now evaluates the quality of broadband and mobile connections as well as their prevalence.  This benchmarking exercise covers 70 countries, allowing governments to gauge the success of their technology initiatives against those of other countries. 

Those countries in the top ranks are those that score high in all categories, including the quality of their business, legal and public policy environments with regards to ICT as well as having strong social and cultural drivers of digital progress.

Australia has ranked 9th in the 2010 digital economy ranking, remaining in the top ten, but falling from 6th position in 2009.  The government’s plans for the National Broadband Network (NBN) rates a mention as a “noteworthy example” of governments investing heavily in infrastructure with the goal of achieving uniform access to the Internet across a country’s population.

This report is published by the Economist Intelligence Unit in cooperation with The IBM Institute for Business Value.

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