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Australia 13th in global broadband study

01 October, 2009
By Allison Orr

A new study undertaken by Cisco, the Broadband Quality Score, for the Said Business School and the University of Oviedo, has placed Australia 13th in their Broadband Leadership Matrix.  South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong have been placed in the top positions, and Australia’s top 20 position is ahead of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.  However, Australia’s ranking has fallen from 8th position in the 2008 study.  In addition, Australia was listed as a country that is "meeting needs of today’s applications", but not a country that is "ready for tomorrow".  Only 9 countries were found to be in the latter category, but this is a global improvement from last year, which found only one country in that category: Japan.

Cisco has developed the Broadband Quality Score last year as an index to measure the quality of broadband connections worldwide.  The study analysed around 24 million records from broadband tests for 66 countries from May 2008 to July 2009.  The research team found that countries with high broadband quality have the issue on their national political agenda.


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