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New 'anti-Internet censorship' party for Australia

01 October, 2009
By Allison Orr

The Pirate Party has opened up a branch in Australia and plans to run candidates in the next federal election.  The party will campaign on a platform of anti-Internet censorship, data privacy, the decriminalization of non-commercial file-sharing and intellectual property rights.

The party has already signed up the requisite number of members to register as a party with the Australian Electoral Commission and will hold internal elections for leadership positions on 7 October.  Party spokesman, Brendan Molloy says "we’re here to actively change the landscape of Australian politics forever, by advocating freer copyright and protection of our civil liberties, especially against Conroy's censorship regime, which is not welcome in Australia".

The Pirate Party has branches in 35 countries and they all cooperate via a collective called Pirate Party International.  In the European Parliament elections in June, the Pirate Party gained one of Sweden’s 18 seats.  The party also gained seats in two councils in recent German city council elections in August.

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