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YouTube to offer revenue share for 'viral' videos

31 August, 2009
By Allison Orr

Youtube is now offering a way for creators of videos that go "viral" to get more than just fame for their efforts.  In the words of the Official Google blog, "In the future, everyone will monetize their 15 minutes".  Previously, prolific users who regularly produced videos that reach a wide audience were able to take part in the Partnership Program.  Now Google has expanded the program, and any video that accumulates lots of views, or goes "viral", may be able to earn revenue from it.

Videos that are eligible will receive an email and an “Enable Revenue Sharing” message will appear next to the video.  Once a user chooses that option, YouTube will start to sell advertising against that video and pay the user a revenue share.  One user who has taken up this option made over $25,000 from the video.  David Devore uploaded video of his son on the way home from the dentist and was astonished to find it viewed by millions.

This is currently only available in the US, but may extend the program international in the future.

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