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New Report: OECD Communications Outlook 2009

03 September, 2009
By Allison Orr

The OECD Communications Outlook 2009 presents the most recent comparable data on the performance of the communication sector in OECD countries.   This is the tenth report in this series, which is published biennially.

The 2009 edition analyses the sector in the years following the “dot com bubble” crisis and has found that companies that survived the crisis emerged stronger and more agile than before, and that this agility has served them well.  Investment in the telecommunications sector has grown by 9% a year since 2005, and investment in communications infrastructure is playing an increasingly important role in total investment in a country.  The global financial crisis is likely to slow investment plans in this sector. 

In the domestic arena, expenditure in this area has also increased, with OECD households devoting an average of 2.2% of their budgets to communications services.  Broadband is now the dominant method of access in all OECD countries, with dial-up almost disappearing as an access method.

The report also includes detailed descriptions by country on broadcasting regulations. 

You can read the full report online for free at:

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