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The US Army Online

20 May, 2009
By Allison Orr

The US Army has launched an official blog portal, "Army Live", and an Army fan page on Facebook, so Facebook users can now list the US Army as a "friend".

Both sites have been set up by the new Online and Social Media Division of Army Public Affairs, which was formed in January this year.   This division will help the Army to reach out to a younger audience that relies heavily on social networking to communicate. 

The Army Live website is intended to be more than a blogsite; it also functions as a springboard to other army-related social networking sites, such as YouTube, Flickr and Twitter, and to other army blogs.

The Army Facebook fan page includes the latest news, videos, podcasts and photos distributed by the Army’s Office of Public Affairs.  The Army Facebook site is also looking for comments and discussion.  "Everything we post on 'Army Live,' we really want to get comments and feedback from," said Lindy Kyzer, the site’s administrator. "Blogs thrive on a vibrant comment section and an active dialogue, and that's really what we want."  The site will also provide a forum for military families to communicate with each other. 

The US Army’s social networking campaign may be limited in scope, however, as soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan are often barred from accessing social networking sites through military networks.

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