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Australia falls to 13th in eGovernment ranking

07 April, 2009
By Allison Orr

In a global ranking of eGovernment development, Australia has dropped from 7th in 2008 to 13th this year, according to the Waseda University International eGovernment Ranking.

The research surveyed 34 countries, ranking countries according to 28 indicators.   This is the fifth report of its kind, and this marks the first year Australia has dropped out of the top ten.   Singapore has taken the number spot, toppling the USA from first place and marking the first time an Asian nation has been ranked number one in this report.

Australia’s fall in overall ranking is due to a decline across several of the sectors used to grade the countries, including the national portal (a drop from position 7 to 10), and a decline in eGovernment promotion activities.

The report recommends that governments make more effort to "put themselves and  ICT last, while putting their citizens first".  The report argues that Web 2.0-enabled websites will be one of the hottest issues in eGovernment in the future, saying that citizen participation should be the core objectivity of eGovernment initiatives.

Last year’s report can be accessed here:

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