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New Report: Public Media 2.0; Dynamic, Engaged Publics

27 February, 2009
By Allison Orr

American University’s School of Communication has released a report examining the role of public media in the age of digital broadcasting, Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged Publics.  The report is based on four years of research and argues that multi-platform, participatory media will be central to democratic life in the years ahead.

According to the report, the participatory nature of the new media has been the most disruptive to current media models, but it is this aspect that is crucial and must be embraced to develop a public media 2.0.  The “people formerly known as the audience” are moving away from older media formats, and now live in an increasingly media-saturated environment.  They no longer passively await content but are seeking out and comparing media; sharing, ranking, reposting.  And, in the biggest change from traditional media, users are creating content.

Read the full report: Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged Publics

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