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New Report: Media Republic

19 December, 2008
By Allison Orr

The Berkman Center for Internet and Society has launched a major research report, "Media Re:public: News and Information as Digital Media Come of Age".  It is a series of papers exploring the potential and the challenges of the emerging networked digital media environment.

The report investigates several areas of the news and information media environment in 2008 and the role of participatory media in it.  It lists a series of obstacles to the creation of the best possible news environment online (such as news consumers relying on news sources that are neither comprehensive nor reliable, and the uneven representation of online participation), and puts forward some possible responses.

The researchers point out that it is ten years since the term "blog" was first coined, and the report investigates and analyses how news has changed in the way it is created, disseminated and consumed in that time.  Says the report: "The Internet is reinventing the media environment, which in turn is changing politics and society, for better and for worse." 

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