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ACMA communications report 2007–08

18 December, 2008
By Allison Orr

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has released the ACMA Communications Report 2007-08.  The report is a statutory requirement for the ACMA and provides a comprehensive overview of the broadcasting, Internet, radio and telecommunications industries that ACMA regulates.  Data in the report is drawn from a range of sources including information reported by industry, ACMA’s research and commissioned surveys and analysis.

While the report is mostly focused on the telecommunications industry, there is a lot of information on the increasing importance of the Internet to the everyday lives of Australians. 

Nearly three-quarters of all Australian Internet connections are now broadband, and around 55 per cent of Australians are now identified as “heavy” Internet users.  The Internet is predominantly used for communications (mostly emailing), and to access services such as banking and bill payments, and information such as news, weather, and maps/directions. 

Newer applications, such as blogging and online social networking are becoming increasingly popular.  Four in ten Australians read a blog or viewed a social networking site in 2007-08, but active participation in these activities is much lower: only two in ten reported belonging to an online community, while only 1 in ten wrote a blog or uploaded content.

Australian businesses also have high rates of Internet adoption, with 98 per cent of small-to-medium-enterprises connected to the Internet.  The “.au” namespace continues to grow, and this year saw the millionth .au domain name registered.

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