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18 November, 2008
By Allison Orr

The eCitizen Foundation, the MIT eCitizen Architecture Program and CommunityCOUNTS have collaborated to create an online project called, which plans to create an open cross-partisan online dialogue with President-Elect Obama.

The website provides a forum for anyone to pose questions or statements via video or text.  Users of the site will view and rate these questions, so that the best and most interesting questions will rise to the top.  In a series of "rounds", the eCitizen Foundation will compile a list of the most popular questions and pass them to the President-elect’s transition team and any replies will be posted on the site.

Says Ray Campbell, one of the founders of the eCitizen Foundation, "It is essential that we keep the momentum and the enthusiasm created by this historic election going past election day.  Bigdialog is your opportunity to contribute to the debate, to shape the debate, and to help improve democracy in our country."

A similar site,, has been launched by film-maker Jim Gilliam.  It invites users to suggest a priority for President Obama’s first 100 days in office.  “With enough people, we will set the national agenda  and make the most of this historical opportunity for change,” says Gilliam of the website.

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