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PM Launches new website

18 November, 2008
By Allison Orr

Picking up from the campaign website, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has launched a new website,, to "keep in touch with the community".  It’s also, in Rudd’s own words, "a discussion, it’s a dialogue, it’s hearing back from you".  The site includes updated videos of what the government is doing, an email list to keep in touch with updates to the site, and a form for sending comments to the PM on the "big challenges" facing Australia.  The current video on the site shows Kevin talking from the G20 Summit in the US.

Rudd has also recently set up an account on Twitter, a free service that allows you to send a message, or "tweet", of less than 140 characters via the web, mobile phone or Instant Messaging.  On the first night of using the service, there were so many people signing up for message updates that his new page on the site crashed.

The Prime Minister used the Internet effectively in his election campaign in 2007, making use of MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr, but since then has been less enthusiastic.  The latest forays into the online world may be an attempt to keep up with new opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull, who has been Twittering since October.   According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Turnbull has been ranked 25th on a list of the top 100 influential Australian Twitterers, based on the number of people following his updates.

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