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Webcasts from the OxIS Social Networking Conference

15 May, 2008
By Allison Orr

Oxford Internet Surveys (OxIS) recently held a one day Social Networking Conference, that covered a wide range of perspectives on this subject from both academic and practitioner points of view.  Each session included presentations on specific issues followed by comments from expert panelists.  The details on the sessions are listed below.  To access the webcasts, go directly to the Oxford Internet Institute webcast site.

Session 1: Online Social Networks
William Dutton (OII): 'Social Networks: Reconfiguring Access to People'; Godfried Williams and Johnnes Arreymbi (UEL): 'Cyber tribes and information warfare'; Tim Davies (Practical Participation): 'Youth Work and Social Networking'. Panellists: Denise Carter (University of Hull) and Rebekkah Willet (IoE); Chair: Ian Hargreaves (Ofcom)

Session 2: Intimate Relationships and Online Social Networks
Ellen Helsper (OII) and Monica Whitty (NTU): 'Netiquette within Married Couples. Are online interactions a source of conflict in intimate relationships?' Lilian Edwards (University of Southampton) 'Stalking 2.0. Social Networking and Privacy: Incompatible Ideas?'. Panellists: Jason Stockwood ( and Ian Brown (OII); Chair: William Dutton (OII)

Session 3: Businesses and Online Social Networks
Richard Allan (Cisco): 'Social networking and business practice: A case study in the telecoms industry'; Ruth Ward (Allen & Overy): 'Social software in a hard world'; Matthijs Den Besten (OeRC): 'Wikipedia: the organizational capabilities of a peer production effort'. Panellists: Nathan Marston (McKinsey) and William Dutton (OII); Chair: Ellen Helsper (OII).

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