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eDemocracy for Wales

23 April, 2008
By Allison Orr

In an attempt to "open up decision-making processes through new technologies", the Welsh Assembly has launched a new eDemocracy programme. 

There are two main initiatives in the programme: an improved web TV service for people to view Assembly proceedings.  The web TV is still in the beta-testing phase, but interested citizens can apply for a password to access it.

The second initiative is an ePetition site, which is now accessible via the Assembly website.  The site is similar to the ePetitions site run through Downing Street. Which has seen petitions range from serious policy issues to petitions on changing the national anthem to a pop song.

The programme will also include online forums and instant polls.  In order to build interest in the programme, the Assembly is running an online poll for a "Welsh Idol".  Voting will continue until August when the "nation’s favourite person" will be announced during the National Eisteddfod in Cardiff.

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