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New Publication: Politics, Policy and the Internet

20 March, 2008
By Allison Orr

The Centre for Policy Studies in the UK has released a new publication, Politics, Policy and the Internet, by Robert Colvile. 

Author Robert Colvile states that the transformation of politics through the Internet will be a gradual and inexorable phenomenon, but argues that its political impact in the UK is currently underdeveloped.  In particular, MPs have so far failed to take the opportunity to use the Internet to link more directly to the concerns of their consistuents.

Colvile believes that the Internet will be increasingly used to hold politicians to account by activists and citizens, and will bring a far greater openness to politics.

"As we grow used to the instant availability of information online, we will no longer tolerate delay and obfuscation in getting similar information from government. The individual, and not the state, will be the master in the digital age."

Read the full report, Politics, Policy and the Internet

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