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Bloggers given official media credentials at the Democratic National Convention

24 March, 2008
By Allison Orr

In the US, the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) has opened up applications for bloggers to get access to cover the National Convention in Denver in August. 

While the last Democratic National Convention was the first to credential bloggers, this will be expanded this year to include state bloggers, the State Blogger Corp, to provide a local perspective.  To qualify, the blog has to have been in existence for six months prior to application and have a least 120 politically related blog posts, and must list their stats from Technorati, the blogger search engine.

There will also be an expanded pool of national and niche bloggers whose main focus may not necessarily be politics.  For the first time, this will also be open to video bloggers, or vloggers.

According to the blogger credentialing information, the DNCC plans to provide designated areas at the convention tailored for blogger use and is working with "the larger netroots community to broaden the reach of Convention access" and "offer an unprecedented window on Convention activities".

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