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ABS Year Book 2008 – Internet too expensive for Australian families

12 February, 2008
By Allison Orr

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) has released the 2008 Year Book, which provides a comprehensive and details statistics overview of various aspects of the economy and social conditions in Australia.

Part of the report details how Australia accesses and used the Internet.  The report shows that in 2005-06, 4.7 million households had access to a home Internet connection, however, 3.2 million had no access.  Almost half of the latter group report that they had no use for it or lacked interest in the Internet, but 19% per cent of households reported that they were without access because the costs were too high.  A high proportion (35%) of households with children under 15 years of age without Internet access regarded the costs as the main reason.

In evidence that the digital divide is alive and well in Australia, the report shows that use of the Internet was significantly higher than average for younger people (15-17 years old), people in the top two quintiles of household income, people with higher educational attainment and the employed.

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