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Safer Internet Day – 12 February 2008

12 February, 2008
By Allison Orr

Safer Internet Day is an annual event organized by Insafe, the European Internet safety network.  While children often seem to know much more about the Internet than their parents, their lack of awareness of safety issues can leave them vulnerable online.  This day is an opportunity to devote some time in schools to talk about, and raise awareness of, safety issues online. 

More than 43 countries will take part in the celebrations.  The theme for Safer Internet Day 2008 is "Life Online is What you make of it".

In Australia, NetAlert is working with Insafe to coordinate events with participating schools.  Students will take part in the international blogathon, which will begin on February 12 and last for a week.  Students will be able to express their ideas about aspects of the online world with other young people around the world.  Schools will also play the Cybersmart Detectives game to teach Internet safety in an interactive way.  The game involves students working online with police and others to solve a problem involving an Internet-themed scenario.


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