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New wired network for Parliament House

13 December, 2007
By Allison Orr

A new wireless Internet system is being installed in Parliament House in Canberra in an attempt to protect government information from hackers.  The system is planned to be immune from unauthorized users and will also mean MPs and staffers will be able to send emails on laptops from anywhere in Parliament House.  The Parliamentary Library and committee rooms will be the first to be wired.

This comes after reports in September that China allegedly tried to hack into classified Australian government computer networks.  This was apparently part of a larger hacking operation which affected several countries.  Earlier this year, China‚Äôs intelligence services were accused of hacking into the computer networks of the Pentagon and the offices of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, and New Zealand Prime Minister, Helen Clark.

However, it appears that China is far from alone in using the Internet as a means of spying on other countries.  A recent report by Internet security company McAfee, Cybercrime: The Next Wave, says that an estimated 120 countries are leveraging the Internet for political, military, and economic espionage activities, but says that China is at the forefront of these activities.  The report asks, are we in the midst of a cyber cold war?

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