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Republican CNN/YouTube Debate

05 December, 2007
By Allison Orr

Although at times is appeared that it would never happen, the Republican CNN/YouTube debate was held on 28 November with all Republican candidates participating.  Nearly four thousand video questions were sent in for broadcast on the night, but only 34 questions were actually presented to the panel.  The viewers watching on TV set a record for the most watched presidential debate in cable news history - 4.5 million people watched the debate live on TV, almost 2 million more than watched the Democrat debate earlier in the year.

The candidates were confronted with questions on controversial issues from YouTube users, including abortion, gun control and immigration, with Romney and Giuliani getting into a heated debate about illegal immigrants.

It has also been alleged that the Clinton team planted a video question regarding gays in the military.  Criticism has arisen from rival media outlets about a video question by Retired Brigadier Keith Kerr, an openly gay man who is also the co-chair of "Veterans and Military Retirees for Hillary" and a member of Clinton's "LGBT Americans for Hillary Steering Committee".

You can see all the videos and further information on the debate at:

Also see the CitizenTube report on the debate at:

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