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Another social networking site gets political

04 October, 2007
By Allison Orr

Established social networking market, LinkedIn, has followed its counterparts into politics.  LinkedIn recently hosted an event with Barack Obama, who posed a business-related question to the site’s members.

LinkedIn is a site optimized for professional networking and currently has about 14 million registered users, according to Wikipedia.  Connecting through this site gives a politician access to entrepreneurs, small-business owners and executives in the business and finance industry around the world, and may also prove a lucrative source of donations.  It is also a different constituency for politicians to connect with.  Generally social networking sites are populated with younger people, but LinkedIn's membership has an older demographic reflecting its professional and business focus.

Currently, Obama and Giuliani are the only US presidential candidates to have a profile on LinkedIn.  Obama’s campaign will maintain a profile on this site and post business-related questions to the members on an ongoing basis.

In other online news of the US presidential candidates, Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, has become the first of the candidates' spouses to set up their own website.  According to the short video on homepage, the site will give "an insider’s view" of the campaign.  "I want to be able to create a forum so we can hear from you as well."

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