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Politics and technology show for the YouTube nation

29 August, 2007
By Allison Orr

In yet another novel use of YouTube, two political commentators have started an ongoing series of videos on the intersection of technology and US politics called DomeNation.  The hosts, Jerome Armstrong and David All, call the series "a TV show on YouTube".

All, a Republican, and Armstrong, a Democrat, are uploading new episodes every week, interviewing politicians and finding out how they are using technology, particularly the Internet, to engage with voters.

"The Internet is changing politics and you can get involved.  That's the great thing about this show.  We want your involvement," says All in episode 1, What is DomeNation.

Following on from this initial promise, they  have made the show interactive, offering their viewers the chance to have a say in content, such as the "It’s your dome" challenge, where they asked people to leave comments and video responses on whether they wanted Ron Paul or Mike Gravel to be interviewed on the next show.  On the following show they interviewed Ron Paul at the National Press Club.

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