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Berlin in August: Conference of European eDemocracy practitioners

29 August, 2007
By Allison Orr

Across two days last week, an informal summit of European eDemocracy practitioners was held called Berlin in August.  It was organised by politik-digital and Mysociety and focused on how to make government more transparent and to give citizens a voice.  The conference discussed an array of eDemocracy projects that are making a mark, such as TheyWorkForYou in the UK and TheyWorkForYou in New Zealand, Vote Smart in the US, Abgeordnetenwatch in Germany, and Openpolis in Italy.

The wiki set up by this conference has some useful information, including a good set of links for government transparency sites around the world, both those created by the participants and those recommended by the participants.

Over the conference, the participants produced a list of good practice criteria for transparency sites, which provides a good set of check points for anyone planning to create such a site. 

Interview with Romanian eDemocracy site builder Adrian Moraru
Interview with Italian eDemocracy site builder Guglielmo Celata

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