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Updated Internet Statistics

07 August, 2007
By Allison Orr

According to Internet World Stats, the current global Internet population (as at June 30 2007) is over 1.1 billion.  The most populous areas of Internet usage are Asia, followed by Europe and North America.  When taken as a percentage of the total world Internet population, Australia‚Äôs is very small (1.6%), but in our region, Oceania, we represent 80% of Internet users.

Across the world, the figures represent an average global Internet penetration rate of 17.8 per cent, however there are vast differences between and within regions.  According to these statistics, 36 countries show a penetration rate of more than 50%.  Australia is among them, with the 6th highest Internet penetration rate in the world.

In other web stats news, web traffic figures show the continuing domination of old media entities in the new media environment.  The Nielsen monthly Market Intelligence Report for July shows the ten most popular sites in Australia are the Herald, Nine News, The Age and  This report is the first time the Nine News site had been beaten to the top spot.

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