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New Report: Oxford Internet Survey 2007

31 July, 2007
By Allison Orr

The Oxford Internet Survey is an authoritative source of information about Internet access, use and attitudes in Britain.  This report, The Internet in Britain 2007, is the third report in the series, the previous two were done in 2003 and 2005.

The report finds that two thirds of Britons use the Internet from home regularly, not a significant change from the previous report, where the figure was 61%.  There was a change, however, in the type of access, with users rapidly moving to high speed connections. 

Emailing remains the most popular online activity, with people using the Internet for social networking more than they did in the last report.  The Internet is now also the main port of call for individuals learning something new, more so than friends or family.

The report also finds that the digital divide is still a consideration, with factors such as gender and education level having an effect on whether or not a person is a regular Internet user.

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