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AIIA says Australian politicians behind in using Internet to connect to voters

18 July, 2007
By Allison Orr

The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) has rated Australian politicians to compare how tech-savvy they are.  They have found that Australian politicians are overlooking technology as a key tool in the lead up to the election, and are not using the new technologies to connect with their electorates.

AIIA note that Australians are getting online "in droves", using MySpace, YouTube, creating blogs, but our political leaders are not as enthusiastic.   "If we are to continue calling Australia the clever country it’s time politicians lead by example," says Sheryle Moon, AIIA Chief Executive Officer.

The politicians are rated according to their use of websites, blogs, YouTube, MySpace and Second Life.  At the top, with three and a half "thumbs up", are Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbul, for their "friendly" and "tongue-in-cheek blogs".  John Howard, despite having no blog, Myspace or Second Life presence, comes second in this rating due to his big presence online because he is so talked about.

To see all the rankings, go to Leaders of 'the clever country' dragging the chain on technology take-up.

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