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British Conservatives launch Stand Up Speak Up

25 July, 2007
By Allison Orr

The Conservative party in Britain has launched a new website, Stand Up Speak Up, to encourage citizens to "get involved in the most wide-ranging Policy Review the Conservative Party has ever undertaken."

The website will provide a platform for people to have their say, and the feedback will be reviewed by the shadow cabinet to help shape their election manifesto, which they want to be more green, more local, and more family-friendly.

"I want us to end the age of top down, 'we know best' politics.  Politics should be bottom-up and open – driven by the passions and priorities of the public," said David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, on the launch of the new site.

The site has three main activities: 1) read the reports; 2) vote on policy recommendations and 3) debate the issues.  In addition there is also a quick poll, currently asking “Should we be doing more to help people off benefits and into work?”, and the site will soon give users the ability to upload their own photos and videos.  The site also has a competition to win a face-to-face meeting with David Cameron to talk to him about policy issues. 

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