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Blogging senator invites bloggers to cover election campaign launch

04 July, 2007
By Allison Orr

Andrew Bartlett has been one of the few Australian politicians to take to blogging with enthusiasm, updating "The Bartlett Diaries" almost daily since the middle of 2004.  Now he is reaching out to fellow bloggers, acknowledging their role as members of the media by personally inviting bloggers and “independent communicators” to the launch of his Senate campaign next week.

As stated in a recent post, Bartlett sees blogging as having the “potential to provide the general public with more meaningful engagement with the political process.”  However, he is also sceptical of those who claim it is “opening a whole frontier of democracy”, stating that is “a gross exaggeration”.

Other politicians are also starting to embrace the tools of web 2.0 to get their message out to their constituents.  Recently, Chris Pyne, the Federal Member for Sturt, has started uploading videos to YouTube, via his website pyneonline.  The two videos uploaded so far, consisting of him talking directly to the camera, are on water security and multiculturalism.  

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