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YouTube makes moves into Europe

06 July, 2007
By Allison Orr

In order to increase their relevance in the European market, YouTube has announced the launch of nine new localised websites, most of which are based in Europe.  The new sites include localised versions for Britain ( and Ireland (, and local language versions for Brazil ( , France (, Italy (, Japan (, the Netherlands (, Poland (, and Spain (  Each website has country-specific video rankings and comments.

In return, Europe appears to be embracing YouTube, with the European Commission launching a new channel call EUTube, which will disseminate information about the workings of the European Union to its citizens.  The EUTube channel, "sharing the sites and sounds of Europe", has content covering the EU’s activities and history, interviews with EU commissioners, and videos on specific issues such as immigration and climate change.  As with all YouTube Channels, users will be able to add comments to the clips.  At this stage, most of the content on the main page is in English, with a German version and some French language clips, but there are plans to make the site more multilingual.

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