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Google launches public policy blog

01 July, 2007
By Allison Orr

In order to keep the world up to date with their policy work, Google has this week launched a public policy blog.  It will cover Google’s work on issues like privacy, online child safety, content regulation and trademark protection among other things, and allows the public to make comments and give feedback on the company’s policies.

The blog includes entries from Google executives, such as Andrew McLaughlin, Google’s Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs, who says the blog is an attempt "to do public policy advocacy in a Googley way".  He goes on to say "we want our users to know what we're saying and why, and to help us refine and improve our policy positions and advocacy strategies. With input and ideas from our users, we'll surely do a better job of fighting for our common interests."  They hope the blog will become a resource for policymakers around the world.

According to the blog entry by Adam Kovacevich, Manager of Global Communications and Public Affairs, comments after the first week show that the issues people want to hear more about from the company are China policies, government censorship, and net neutrality.

Currently, the blog features entries on the recent appearances of John McCain and John Edwards at the company’s headquarters, and includes links to videos on (Google-owned) YouTube.

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