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Amnesty International Report: Internet new frontier in struggle for dissent

18 June, 2007
By Allison Orr

Amnesty International has released its Annual Report for 2007: the state of the world’s human rights.  This report is a review of the human rights situation around the world. 

Says Amnesty International Secretary-General Irene Khan,in the Foreword to the report, "In an age of technology, the Internet has become the new frontier in the struggle for the right to dissent."  However, she goes on to single out Belarus, China, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia as countries who are working against this potential by "monitoring chat rooms, deleting blogs, restricting search engines and blocking websites".  She also points out that in China, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Vietnam, people have been imprisoned “for posting and sharing information online.”

Last year Amnesty International published a report Undermining Freedom of Expression in China, which highlights the role of Microsoft, Yahoo and Google in providing assistance to repressive governments in censoring content online.

To find out more about Amnesty’s campaign undermine censorship online, see

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