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Edemocracy updates 02/02/2007

02 February, 2007
By An Nguyen

Online electoral announcements before press conferences

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama announced their campaigns for President of the United States on the Internet.

Clinton chose YouTube,while Obama announced his candidacy with a video clip on Brightcove.

YouTube is an established video sharing site, now owned by Google, with hip appeal to a younger crowd, while Brightcove has just raised $59.5 M to turn itself into an Internet TV station. Both achieve similar aims but with different technologies. We've embedded the videos in the page below, just to show how easy it is to do.

Blog widgets help raise funds for nonprofits

Blog widgets are code that is produced by a third-party provider and which allows the owner of the blog to create a button on their blog that streams content from the provider as well as providing a link to services provided by them. They’re a bit like the code that runs online advertisements.

The latest use for blog widgets is fundraising. As of writing The Sharing Foundation, an NGO that works directly with local officials, orphanages and others in Cambodia, has raised $53,642 from 778 separate donations.

Beth Kanter, an “Art and Web Technology Evangelist” explains some of the ins and outs at her blog.

Heifer International rolled out a similar initiative to tackle hunger and poverty in developing nations. It asks online bloggers to generate their own campaign pages, set a goal for themselves and then create a simple badge that tracks the fund-raising progress using a stylized thermometer.

Online donors give more

A recently released study on Internet giving by Target Analysis concludes that online donors tend to belong to a demographic group that fundraisers very much desire - those relatively young and with higher income - but they have not been effectively integrated into existing marketing programs.

Australian group in "virtual" party

Patrice Newell, former Television personality and alternative life-style guru has established the "Climate Change Coalition" to co-ordinate like-minded candidates in the 2007 New South Wales election.

The Coalition seems to be mostly online, like a virtual party, and the site features a poll which allows voters to sort 6 issues - Climate Change, Health, Education, Interest Rates, Industrial Relations and Transport - in order of importance.

Presidential Announcement Videos

The two videos below were embedded into this page using code available from the third party providers. The code to embed Obama's video can be obtained from the link at the bottom of the video itself. To do the same thing with Hillary you will have to go to YouTube's site .






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