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e-Democracy update - 2/8/06 - Canberra and Web 2.0, Blog for miners, and CNN Exchange

02 August, 2006
By Daniel Macpherson

Canberra implements Web 2.0 trial

The federal government is trialling Web 2.0 applications for a strategy to improve government-community engagement through online methods.

Special Minister for State Gary Nairn says the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) is experimenting with wikis and blogs, and could expand their use throughout commonwealth departments and agencies.

An AGIMO spokesperson says they will also investigate uses of RSS and other collaboration tools to encourage users to help improve them.

The spokesperson also says the trial is part of a strategy to use online services to improve engagement between the community and government by 2010.

Blog for miners started

A reference and job site for the Australian mining industry is hosting a new blog to discuss mining policy and industry changes. managing director Calvin Close says the new blog will generate more discussion on mining issues.

"Having spent almost 20 years in the NSW coal mining industry, I know that miners like to talk about current issues. Therefore, we have created The Mining Blog as a place for the mining community to talk about mining," Mr Close wrote in the first blog entry.

"If you have a topic that you would like to have discussed here on The Mining Blog, add a comment to this post and we will consider your request."

"This is a great opportunity for you to have your thoughts 'on the web'."

Visit the blog here.

CNN Exchange to aid "citizen journalists"

News organisation CNN began their new CNN Exchange website this week to allow users to submit and share content as a form of citizen journalism.

CNN senior vice-president Mitch Gelman says user-generated content has the potential to play a pivotal role in journalism.

"With CNN Exchange we've essentially created a one-stop shop for users to share their contributions with other Internet users," Mr Gelman said.

Users can submit content of witnessed events, such as news stories, video clips and still images, to the site.

The site also includes personal commentary sections and polls so users can submit their opinions on news topics.

Visit the site here.

Blogging the Israel-Lebanon conflict through mobiles

A new blog is covering the Israel-Lebanon conflict by asking people to send SMS and MMS reports.

Site author Erik Sundelof says he wants to develop tools, such as his "Lebanon-Israel conflict via cellphones" project, for users who have no internet access but still wish to report news stories.

"As such one can basically push any piece of information - text, audio, graphic, picture, video - from any cell phone to the web," he says.

"It is the natural extension to citizen journalism as it creates the vehicle for people without internet being able to get their voices heard on the internet."

Visit his Lebanon-Israel conflict via cellphones blog and his main citizen journalism site

Minnesota's politicians appear on YouTube

US senate candidates from the state of Minnesota are appearing in popular political advertisements on video broadcasting site YouTube.

YouTube is acting as a political platform for senate candidates Amy Klobuchar (Democrats) and Mark Kennedy (Republicans) with their official political advertisements posted to the site.

Kennedy's advertisement has gathered over 5,000 views since its addition on July 26, 2006.

Meanwhile, Klobuchar's has reached almost 4,000 views since July 11, 2006.

View Mark Kennedy's advertisement here.

View Amy Klobuchar's advertisement here.

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