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Australian eDemocracy

Is streaming reducing piracy in Australia?

For a while, Australia has had a reputation as one of the world’s leading piracy nations.  Our Attorney General George Brandis called Australia the “worst nation for piracy on the planet”, and famously in 2014, the same number of Australians downloaded the new season of Game of Thrones as watched it legally.


2015 Global Internet Report

The Internet Society has released its 2015 Global Internet Report.  It’s the second annual report on the global state of the internet.


Federal Court pushes back on DBC owners

More on the Dallas Buyers Club ruling, the Federal Court has pushed back on the movie’s owners.  In April, the Federal Court ordered ISPs to hand over customers’ personal details linked to the IP addresses.  But the Federal Court insisted that the film’s owners show the court a copy of the letter before it was sent to downloaders, due to concerns about speculative invoicing.


Google announces name change

Google has announced a restructuring of the company and a name change.