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Australian eDemocracy

$95m for the Digital Transformation Office in the 2015 Budget

The government announced in January that they would establish a Digital Transformation Office (DTO), to work on a whole-of-government digital service delivery system.  It is due to be officially launched on 1 July 2015. 


Hilary Clinton launches Presidential bid via email & online video

Hilary Clinton has ended speculation and announced that she intends to run for the US Presidency.  It had previously been reported that she would launch her campaign via Twitter, but last week she announced her decision first with an email to supporters, followed very quickly with a 2 minute video, called Getting Started, posted to YouTube and her website.  


The Dallas Buyers Club Ruling – what’s it all about…?

The Federal Court of Australia has ruled that Internet providers must provide details of Australian customers accused of illegally downloading The Dallas Byers Club.  The case was brought by Dallas Buyers Club LLC, the company that owns the rights to the 2013 film, who claimed to have identified 4,726 Australian IP addresses that illegally downloaded the film.